handcrafted gewurztraminer

Producing a wine worthy of comparison with the best in the world requires detailed research and planning. But to create a wine of true distinction, the day-to-day commitment of an experienced and dedicated winemaker is absolutely vital.


That’s why every stage, from initial bud-set right through to the harvest is carefully monitored by Nick Nobilo. His over 40 years of experience governs even the tiniest detail and this belief in the superiority of a ‘handcrafted’ wine impacts on every step in the winemaking process. The harvesting and handling of the grapes is done entirely by hand to ensure the precious, ripe bunches arrive undamaged at the winery and in optimum condition for the start of the winemaking process. Each batch of grapes is processed individually and only when the winemaking is complete does the final blending take place.


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