winery design

Located in the middle of the vineyard is a new state-of-the-art purpose-built winery, integrating special Vinoptima-designed equipment to receive and process the hand-picked bunches.


The winery has been designed by Nick Nobilo with one objective in mind – producing the very best possible Gewurztraminer wine. Every vessel and piece of winemaking equipment has been specified, designed and installed to meet this single objective.


At the entry are two large custom-built stainless steel draining tanks that receive the grape must. Additional stainless steel tanks that receive the juice are arranged in an ‘amphitheatre’, to allow a single person to ‘conduct’ the entire winemaking process from a central position.


To one end of the winery are two racks of purpose-built 1200 litre German oak ovals, 24 in all. Whilst these ovals do not impart ‘oak flavour’ to the wine as most people think, they are used in the Vinoptima fermentation process and play a key role in flavour development and esterification of the wine.


The Vinoptima winery has been heralded as one of the best winery layouts in the world.